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ASTERiSM Healthcare Plus

Health Supplemenents

Thursday,Mar 22, 2018
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About Us
 We are based in Japan, ASTERiSM Healthcare Plus, Inc. manufactures, exports and distributes high quality, Made in Japan healthcare products. 

The Kinbi brand is a collection of premium grade nutritional, cosmetic and general wellness products. All Kinbi products are MADE IN JAPAN custom tailored to the health needs and aesthetic tastes of regional consumers worldwide
We have a wide range of products and to begin with, we introduce two lines here 
1. Collagen Line (Anti-Aging Products) 
Collagen Drinks 
Collagen Tablets 
Collagen Powder 
Collagen & Herbal Tea 
Collagen Noni cream
2. Health Line 
Health Supplements 
Weight loss Tablets 
Wellness Tablets
Please email us if you have any further queries.
We are looking forward to hear from you. [More Information]
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